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AngelicRO was founded on May 31st, 2003.
iRO had just gone P2P, seperating my guild, Angelring Guard.
We looked for a solution, and ultimately, we came to the solution of starting our own server.

My online friend and 'sister' Nina gave us a Linux server to use in her house, and we got to work.
At first, it wasn't anything serious. It was meant as a home for our guild.
But as time went along, this server Angel would become the start of something much more.

I started learning to program with help from my friend Theogrin.
Kyle was the only one who could program among us, so he did most of the work at first.
Soon I learned how to set up a patch server and how to edit the client's files.
The AngelicRO client was born.

As I learned to program, our server became more and more cutting-edge.
I was eventually approached by AppleGirl, the founder of eAthena, to help eAthena's development.
I accepted, and became a part of the RO server community as a whole, doing work that still exists to this day.
Eventually, our server became one of the most up-to-date and well-maintained servers in the community.

With some help from Nina, we began to get traffic from a community that was once based on a webcomic, EverCrest.
This was when aRO really started to grow and become something to be proud of.
We began to have many people regularly playing, with more and more coming in each day.
Time went along, and we ended up advertised to a community called Pyoko.
I thought the growth would never end, that we'd finally "made it big".

However, rifts developed in the community, and eventually, aRO was split in two.
I refer of course to ArchonRO, led by Mateo, who was the Guard's co-leader and one of aRO's core GMs.
As we went our seperate directions, most of the players went with Archon (then called Seraphim).
I planned to continue hosting Wing in peace without interrupting Archon, mostly as a personal project.

One day, something happened, causing Arktis and a couple of others to end up on Wing.
Arktis began advertising on Archon, which resulted in quite a bit of a fuss there.
This was when Wing began to regain its population, even if it was in a bit of a bad way.

My online 'sister' Seraphna ended up advertising on the VG Cats Forum.
This drew some attention, although not quite as much as past advertisements, and brought aRO back to life.
We gained a lot of major members then who would stay with us until the problems a bit later on.

Drama continued to overwhelm our server, but for quite a while, we held on.
Arktis and Satsu both ended up administrating the server for a while, and a lot happened that I regret.
Then Wing was lost.

It was a simple mistake anyone could have made that took Wing down that day.
I had no clue what happened, but Kazie had made a tiny slip-up.
Ultimately, Wing stayed gone for quite a while. Necro eventually offered a server.
This was Sariel, our temporary server to use until Wing came back.

I went to work on Sariel as a permanant midrate server, certain that Wing would return eventually.
However, drama occured, and soon, I found that my GM Team had turned against me.
Roto, Lani and the others got Necro to turn Sariel over to them.
This was the start of RelicRO, yet another server split off from aRO.

I waited. I was told the server had been hacked, among other excuses.
Eventually Necro told me the truth and turned the server back over to me while RelicRO went off on their own.

I began the process of our grand reopening, deciding I would no longer overwork myself.
I didn't want to burn out on my work anymore, lest the entire server suffer as a result.
We chose to allow everyone who had previously been banned, back to the server.
Even if Xenu DID get banned in the first few days for botting, everyone else behaved.

However, as time went along, players began complaining more and more loudly about bugs and missing features.
I was working my hardest, dedicating hours each day to RO-related work, taking only occasional breaks.
Eventually, I could no longer take the stress and decided to go on vacation from administrating.

The stress continued. People continued to complain, more loudly than ever.
No one could handle even the smallest bugs anymore, it appeared to me.
They also complained about differences from iRO, even though we were based on the Korean official servers, kRO.

With the Guard and many of my friends gone, I tried my hardest to just make our existing players happy.
I continued to offer my best, hardest work to the players of our server, but people stayed unhappy at me.
AngelicRO was closed once I could no longer handle this stress.

Your administrator... Sara Jessica Leen